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My mom used to tell me, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I have found this to be true especially when it comes to my health. It’s a lot more fun enjoying a fresh, nutritious Fountain of Youth drink prepared by Tanya or Abdul than be worrying about paying doctors’ bills. Eating healthy keeps my mind clear, minimizes joint pain and increases my strength. An integral part of my healthy diet includes raw and juiced veggies daily. Fountain of Youth veggie drinks are the best I have ever found in San Diego or anywhere else in the US!

Lindsey Clifford, San Diego

This place is the best. it was my first time getting sick in the 6 years being with my husband. so as a man of action and not knowing what to do, he searched and search for something, and as today’s man would do, go online first and foremost….

he search for things to eat, drink, whatever it would take to get me better pronto. he found this place here on yelp so we decided to check it out. it is over a 30 minute drive from home or his work but we were determined to kick this nasty illness i was coming down with.

the results are well worth the drive and would do it again when we have too, though i should be making regular visits to maintain the health. this place has everything for everything, even perfect health.

in a week’s time we were at this juice place almost everyday because in order to get the most benefit of the stuff, it needs to be fresh. no preservatives or junk to keep it all fresh. the juice is what juice is.

The owners, husband and wife team, are very nice and knowledgeable. He remembers everyone and everything you have ordered in the past so no BSing him. He remembers every word you say.

People come out of this place with several gallons of stuff. You can call ahead so it is ready for you. You can even open up a tab if your are a freq and loyal customer. Some of them, I can only assume are in chemo. The owner’s wife beat cancer by juicing so they must have a following because of it.

I was well almost right away with my first day being on the WOW but because I did not listen to instructions, my illness came back stronger. He had warned me too “If it doesn’t work, it’s not me. She didn’t listen.”

So when it came back, I was determined to listen diligently. Got 2 days worth of the WOW, then back for a 1 day of WOW and V10, then back again for WOW, last day we were there, a couple of WOWs, a 12oz of ginger mix that he told me to form to ice cubes and melt in my teas the following days, and a tuna sandwich. The best sandwich in my life! Nothing was fishy or smelly and everything was soooo fresh.

I actually caught this illness from my mom brother, sister, nephews, and whoever else was sick at that family party 2 days before symptoms showed up. less than a week of juicing and i was already alright and my sister was still suffering after 2 weeks and said she will go get some medicine from the doc this time, since has tried all the OTC medicines and she still felt like dying. I, on the other hand, even at its worst was pretty functional handling a 3 year old and a 9 month old. I also think doctors are a buncha…. so it was great to learn of this place.

So if u are sick -or healthy – go to the Fountain of Youth. Don’t like the name? Get over it! Just get healthy already =)

Jen o.
San Diego, CA

This place is delicious, healthy, awesome, and the owners are super friendly. I used to always order the Flu Fighter from Jimbos, but even though I’m huge health fanatic, the Flu Fighter tastes pretty awful. I’d force myself to drink it, just because I know how great it is for you….until I Fountain of Youth!!! Their V-10 drink has more ingredients and healthier ingredients than the Flu Fighter and actually tastes great!

Now that I’ve experienced fountain of youth, there’s nothing better. I really want to try the Wow now too.

Love them =)

Ali C.
Encinitas, CA

This place is AMAZING! I love the tuna sandwich that they have! I just wish it was closer to my apt or my work. The WOW shot is pretty tasty too (am I crazy??) – definitely cleared up my sinuses after half an hour.

I really recommend everyone come here and try those two things… or the smoothies are really good too, but the tuna and WOW shot is what keeps me coming back for more!

And the owners are really friendly! Abdul remembered me even though for a period of time (2 years) I was working in La Jolla and never could make it up for lunch. Great people, great food, great drinks, great prices! 🙂

Regina L.
San Diego, CA

I am so excited to find out about this place that I wanted to make sure I could share this with everyone. The owner of this store is very passionate about helping/healing others that he will do whatever he can to provide you with the write juice blend for you. My younger brother and a couple of his friends have done the 3 day cleanse and got really lean and energized from it… so my twin sister tried it 4 days ago (she finished the cleanse yesterday) and she looks amazing. She has always been rather lean, but after this cleanse her belly area was VERY lean. She also said that she feels so amazing and refreshed. I picked up the juice tonight, so that I can start my 3 day cleanse tomorrow!! I will be going to this place every week just to get the extra veggie boosts from his juice blends.

Tracey S.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Wondered in here after getting my toes done to get a smoothie. Have had a terrible cold for the past few days and felt I wanted something a little healthy. I looked over on the wall and there was a shot called Wow that claims to help cold/flu/sinus symptoms. Ordered one up and after my first sip (you are instructed to swish it around your mouth for 15 seconds to kill bacteria in your mouth) I actually found myself saying WOW.

It was wow and I felt great about half an hour later. So much so I dragged my sick husband over to experience it and he felt so great after wards that we decided to go out. We felt invincible and decided to drink too much and so here I am visiting Fountain of Youth again for some WOW.

Lets hope we learned our lesson. If not we will be back again. The owners are very friendly and I am going to try out some of their veggie juices once I’m 100% They have a new customer and hopefully I will learn to take better care of myself.

Alisa M.
Encinitas, CA

Wow? More like Holy Shit !!!

I’m not a health nut. I don’t plan to be one so I don’t go for wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts or any other natural grass that animals could use for a toilet. I’m not saying I don’t believe this stuff isn’t good for you but I love fried chicken, hamburgers fries and bar food.

Taste is everything to me so gimme something sweet or something greasy and I’ll dip it in catsup, ranch dressing, onion dip or whatever I’m in the mood for.

If my body is a temple then every french fry is meant to worship me as it enters my mouth and sacrifices it’s soul to my bowels.

That being said, I was reluctant to believe that a shot of ginger, slice of apple, sprinkle of cinnamon and whatever else they blend into “The Fountain of Youth’s” own “WOW” shot would make any difference in my day. Holy Shit was I ever wrong!?!?!?

I have yet to try anything but the “WOW” shot but I can tell you this much, you will exclaim something profound after dropping this mix down your throat and you will like it.

The “WOW” shot immediately brightens your senses and you will experience a sample of euphoria, especially if cob webs have clouded your mind recently.

You must try this place even if you are a junk food freak. You won’t regret it,. I promise.

Todd P.
Encinitas, CA

Went to FOYJ yesterday for first time. Wondered in hungry while waiting to visit a store in same shopping center. Saw they had a Turkey sandwich that looked good.

Woman at counter was drinking something called a “WOW” shot. It has Ginger, carrots, apples and cinnamon. she said she drinks them whenever she’s feeling blah or a cold coming on.

I had a sinus headache and figured what can it hurt so I tried one. Not even realizing it I had an involuntary response of WOW when I tried it. The owner “Abdul” who is a super nice guy recommends you take a sip first and swish it around your mouth to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth. Not sure if it really can kill bacteria but it did wake the crap out of my taste buds and make me say wow several times without even realizing it. Hold crap batman… that is a well named drink.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this review is because of how great I actually felt 30 minutes later and throughout the rest of the day.

Today I donated blood and felt a little tired a few hours later (even though I drank like 1/2 gallon of water) so I took a friend to get a shot of wow. He same exact response was WOW. He felt the burn of the shot for a good 15 minutes but 45 minutes later we’re both full of energy and I didn’t have any coffee today since I donated blood. I figured I’d try the WOW shot instead and I’m happy I did.

Thanks Abdul, I’ll be back again and again. Next time I’ll try that tabbouleh salad but my Turkey sandwich was good too.

Noah W.
Encinitas, CA

Abdul knows everything there is about juicing and what our bodies need when. Anytime time, I am sick or start to get sick-I visit daily for his miracle concoctions and I either don’t get it or fight it off faster. Love him! He beat cancer too !

valerie m.
San Diego, CA


This place actually motivated me to write my first Yelp review. The owners were so friendly and helpful. The wow shot was great, as described by others. I had the tuna sandwich on some special wheat bread, which was fantastic (apparently their secret recipe). Several people came in asking for the Tabouleh (sp?) while I was there, the owner said it is his best-seller. I’ll get that next time.

In short, a great little spot for a healthy drink or snack, and one of those types of places that it feels good to support.

L M.
Denver, CO

Awesome smoothies, very kind staff, and I am always satisfied with whatever I get at Fountain of Youth Juice. Thank you for being so dependable.

Shana W.
Encinitas, CA

Fresh, organic, local fruit and vegetable juices. Wheat grass hots, yummy sandwiches…and the cutest couple! Abdul and Tania will make you feel like you are part of the family the minute you step inside. I always order the v-10 without garlic. So good and healthy. You can also take your own container and have juice fresh squeezed for you to take home. Awesome smoothies too and it feels great to visit the local mom & pop’s instead of the huge national chains, and it tastes better too! Yay Fountain of Youth!

Michelle S.
Encinitas, CA