Fountain of Youth Juice

The History of Fountain of Youth Juice

“It was fate that led us to Fountain of Youth Juice” says Tania and Abdul owners/managers and husband/wife team of Fountain of Youth Juice.

Within two weeks of acquiring Fountain of Youth Juice in July of 2006, Abdul was diagnosed with cancer. This was not included in their hopes and dreams of owning a business. The treatment was to be months of chemotherapy with additional months of radiation.

After recovering from this shock and sadness, Abdul was determined not to give in to this disease. Abdul and Tania both researched and learned the health benefits and anti-oxidant qualities of the fruit and vegetables contained in the drinks of their store. Abdul began a regimen of drinking wheatgrass shots, organic vegetable juices and fruit smoothies from their extensive menu. His doctor noticed a remarkable immunity as he bounced back after each debilitating chemotherapy advising him: “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. After four months Abdul was cancer free.

Today Tania and Abdul continue to share information along with drinks to customers who are also friends in the cozy atmosphere of Fountain of Youth Juice.